Luke, you are free as a bird and sometimes reserved. You like to be with the people you know and when you are in new situations you like to stand back and observe before you decide if you want to join in the fun.

You remind me not care so much about what others think and that as long as I am not hurting anyone, I should do what feels good, like dancing to the music in a store. 

You are talking more and more everyday and your dad and I love communicating with you.

Your happy and fun to be around. 

You recently got a little table and chairs and now you don't want to sit in your highchair to eat. 

You will eat ketchup with a spoon if we let you, ketchup is currently your favourite food.

You also love milk and cheese.

You love to play with things that require fine motor skills like putting chalk or crayons back in their box.

You love music and you love to dance.

When you are in bed at night, dad and I look at pictures of you from that day and talk about all the awesome things you did. 

You are very smart and we love you to the moon and back.