Unique Is Beautiful

I am more immersed in the beauty industry than ever before and if I was in this position even 5 years ago I would not be as confident in my own beauty as I am today. In this industry it could be extremely easy to compare myself to others and while I do that sometimes (despite my best effort) it does not consume me. I am who I am and that is all I can be. I want to be the best version of myself and shine a light on the things that make me unique. My unique qualities are my gifts and are the keys to my successes and filling the role I was designed for.

We were all designed uniquely with a purpose.

I spent a lot of my teens and twenty's kinda trying to be myself and kinda trying to be someone else. Within the last three years I really started to be happy in my own skin. I have heard this from other women, the older we get the more confident we become and the less we sweat the small stuff. This is all well and good but there are some kick butt young ladies in this world that need to realize this freedom before they turn 30.

We need the younger ladies to start defining beauty there own way now, changing the game and making beauty more diverse. We need those young ladies to fearlessly step forward in the qualities that make them special, so when we look around we cant even see two that are alike but we can only see our awesome beautiful friends for who they really are.

When I think of the beautiful people in my life, the descriptive qualities that come to mind have little to do with appearance.

supportive sister
comforting friend
loving mother

Beauty does come from within but if we don't activity give the gifts we have been blessed with our beauty is unable to be seen. We all have skills and abilities that are unique and worthy of being shared.

So how can I help the women around me see their own beauty better so they can share it with others and like a wild fire, we can create a chain of action that redefines the way we view, discuss and define beauty? I am going to start by following the lead of one of my best friends, she speaks honest compliments whenever she sees them never holding back encouraging thoughts from anyone. I am starting the conversation on my Instagram page, talking about the unique beauty of some of the women in my life. I invite you to do the same and tag a friend creating a chain of encouraging beauty talk. 

You are unique and beautiful!