How Do You Define Yourself?

Last weekend me and a few girl friends got into some good conversation, you know the kind, where you leave the table feeling lighter because you left it all right there. One of the topics that came up was how we define ourselves or feel defined. I would love to know, how do you define yourself? And, what if that thing that defined you was no longer there?

I have defined myself by jobs for a long time, I have felt self conscious because of certain career paths that I was on but thought I should be doing something "better" and I have felt defined by career paths that I was proud of but when the source of definition changes or is removed, who am I? Its a scary place to be.

On my drive home from lunch I wondered how I currently define myself because I honestly haven't felt defined by any one thing lately. I came to the conclusion that I would like to define myself on my choices. I don't want to do something or take a step in a direction because I feel its the natural progression and thats what I "should" be doing, I want to choose the direction of my life. I want to live all the movements of my life with intention. My direction is not crystal clear but I am pretty confident that the steps I make with purpose are leading me somewhat where I need to be going. And from my experience, the missed steps are the best lessons I have ever learned and still assist me in moving forward. I choose to be defined by my choices and living life with intention.

So, how do you define yourself and how do you want to define yourself?