Spring is pretty much here, yahoo! We are enjoying the warmer temps (when they decide to show up), even if its a little grey out and we are looking forward to summer! I am so excited to see Luke at the beach this year, I know he is going to be a little fish. We have been swimming all winter at the Oil Heritage District Community Centre and I know that has helped Luke to grow more and more comfortable in the water. We still have a few months to go before the lake is warm enough for us to swim in so we will continue to swim indoors until then, check out the pool schedule here. Even if it is a super sunny spring day, I never feel like I am missing out on those rays because of the beautiful floor to ceiling windows in the aquatics area. When the weather is warmer we love to go for a walk in downtown Petrolia after, to grab a coffee and check out the deals at the Family Discount Store (or what my mother in law refers to as the "Push-n-Shove".

I grew up down the street from the lake, my summers were spent in bathing suites and bare feet and I have an amazing respect for the water because of that upbringing. I always wanted Luke to love the water and to never be afraid of it so he could truly enjoy it as well. I know because he was introduced to the water at the OHDCC at just two months old, he has developed a love for water play too.

I invite you to experience the Oil Heritage District Community Centre for the first time or visit it again. Print out the coupon below for a complimentary day pass to The Centre.