I have started to book up for prom so I know that you ladies are thinking about it even though the temps are still cool. I was excited to share my beauty trends for the upcoming prom season so we shot in the snow but hopefully you don't have snow on your prom day, living in Canada though, you just never know.

Spring makeup will be infused with colour and I kind of love how the pink popped against our snowy white backdrop. Here are my trends for the upcoming prom season.

Bright Colour
Spring makeup is about colour and I think especially the ladies going to prom this year should embrace all the beautiful shades. Wearing bright colours on your skin brightens your complexion, makes you look happier and more approachable and is sure to put you in the running for prom queen.

If you have a favourite hue from this seasons top colours, don't shy away from wearing it all over your face. Focus the boldest of the spectrum on one area of your face and then use similar hues in more muted tones on the rest. In the pictures here we focused the most intense pink on our models eyes and then went softer on her cheeks and lips.

Colour is youthful, playful and shows the world that you are not afraid to wear your personality boldly for all to see.

I don't see many cut creases and harsh lines in the forecast for eye makeup for this years prom. That being said, I also don't think winged liner is going anywhere, anytime soon. Your wing can be more subtle when it is applied first with smudged black shadow and then traced with a liquid liner, leaving the edges of the liner softer, creating a more gentle look to accompany your colourful eye shadow.

False Lashes
In my opinion, false lashes are the best way to amp up your flirt. They give your eyes an enhanced Bambi flutter and will make your entire look more glamorous for pictures. If you have never worn false lashes but you would like to wear them for a special occasion, I recommend trying them out before your big event to make sure you are comfortable with the way they feel.

I hope these photos and trends will inspire you to get into some colour this season when it comes to your makeup. You can book me to be your prom day or special event makeup artist by emailing heatherlapier@gmail.com or calling 519 384 8778 and if you have any beauty questions or comments, I would love to here from you below in a comment or on any of my social pages.





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