I like to unwind by being lazy on the couch or in bed with my computer. My Netflix, couch, TV, chip eating marathons are not exactly like they were before we had Luke but we find time to chill out these days after he goes to bed. I love to spend time catching up with my fav bloggers and YouTubers and just spend time going down the rabbit hole that is the internet.

Here are some of my favourite online places to hang out:

The Girls With Glasses

If you want to smile, hang out with these ladies for a few minutes during one their videos and you will be feeling the good vibes. They just do fun stuff on their blog and you know they are having a good time.

Jen Loves Kev

She shares her adventures in fashion, cooking, family life and motherhood in such an honest way that it allows you to connect with her. I am always inspired by how other women do motherhood, its so neat to see how people do things differently and similarly.

Love Taza

She shares her adventures around New York City and the world with her family, in the most beautiful and energetic way. She inspires me to soak up all the moments of my day and see the joy in everything.

What are your favourite channels and blogs?