This week I was having a conversation with another female entrepreneur who has been giving some thought to her faith and making more God like business decisions. She said to me "how can I just start preaching it if I don't really practice it yet". My quick response was, "you just start practicing". If you want to get fit, you don't wait until you loose weight to go to the gym, you just start going. Then this morning I woke and God spoke this to my heart, "How To Become A Christian, accept Jesus into your heart as your saviour and The Holy Spirit will do the rest."

It can be scary to put God first in all areas of your life because the way you will begin to live your life, will begin to be different from the way the world does things. The amazing gift is that the blessings we will receive in return, will be far beyond the things we could dream of desiring on earth.

If God is knocking at your heart, just start loving Him and don't worry so much about the next steps, thats for Him to decide, you just need to hold on tight and follow.

A few weeks ago I recorded a vlog about my faith and today seemed like the perfect day to edit it and get it live. I was inspired to share my faith journey because I have recently had a few people message me to ask me questions about what I believe, based on some of the social posts I make about my faith. I figured there are probably a few more people out there who are also wondering so I thought I would share some details in this video. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, watching and hanging with me, I love ya!