You know what's challenging for me, controlling my emotions when I can't control the people around me. We are human and eventually we will do something to let someone else down and someone will probably not live up to our expectations and let us down.

So what do I do when this happens? I wish I could say that I don't let it effect me but I often allow it to wreak turmoil on my emotions and get in the way of my choices for a day or so. 

The actions of others are out of my hands, the only person I can control is myself, this means I am responsible for my choices and my emotions, why are those darn emotions so hard to control? When someone lets me down, if I let their actions, which were never within my control, ruin my day, then I am relinquishing control of my life to those who surround me. 

I am writing this for anyone who is struggling through a situation like this but mostly to myself as a pep talk to remind myself that I can only control me and love others for who they are, not for who I wish they were. Wish me luck as I battle to take control of my emotions. 

Have you experienced something similar and how do you deal with it?