You may already know this but if not, I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I started buying Arbonne makeup for my business because I wanted to offer my clients a natural option to beauty and I thought their makeup could stand up next to the other brands I carry in my professional makeup kit. As an Independent Consultant, I get 35% off the products I purchase so I decided to start trying the other products Arbonne offers. I was also very interested in trying all their other products as I am slowly trying to fill my home with more natural options, as I run out of something, I buy a healthier replacement. 

So far I have tried the fibre, baby skin care products, FC5 skin care line, deodorant, shampoo, RE9 Advanced skincare line, all the cosmetics, protein, sunscreen and Tyler is even enjoying the mens skincare products. All of the makeup I use is great but I especially love the Arbonne mascara and primer! You guys know I have tried a lot of skincare and after using the full RE9 line, I feel like my skin has never looked more fresh, even and blemish free. I share complimentary samples of this line and other skincare products with anyone who wants to give it a try and almost everyone has the same reaction, they LOVE it!

The icing on the cake of this entire Arbonne company is that as an Independent Consultant I have the opportunity to generate income from simply sharing my favourite products with my friends and family, this is something I would do anyways. 

The team building side of Arbonne is something that really excites me and after working alone for over a year to launch HAL Makeup Artistry, tapping into team resources through Arbonne was a breath of fresh air I welcomed with open arms. Now I am ready to build my own team, I want to work with anyone to get their business going, who wants to increase income in their household, experience time freedom, meet new people and have fun while you work to achieve personal goals. 

Network Marketing is a scary thing to think about, I had my own fears and insecurities about adding this role to everything else I am already doing. I was also scared of peoples opinions of me selling products simply because I myself have had a few bad experiences with unprofessional Network Marketers. It is unfortunate that with any industry, we allow our bad experiences to cloud our opinion of an entire group. Within my first month of working my Arbonne business, every fear in my mind was flipped by it being proven wrong. After doing a little research I found out that the Direct Sales industry has grown over 17% in Canada in the last few years and over 20% globally. I really enjoyed this article about a children's clothing company that decided to sell through consultants over stores

It is an exciting time to be a part of this industry, I believe my generation is beginning to realize that we wont get ahead by working longer hours but we will gain so much by building our own dreams and enjoying the process alongside our families. 

If you want to learn more about the Arbonne products or opportunity, I would love to share them with you. Please always feel free to get in touch to chat at

Lastly, I have set a goal for myself to become an Arbonne Regional Vice President within 5 years which will have me enjoying the White Party in Vegas, check out this years event here and below are some pictures of some of my favourite Arbonne items.