I have started to work on getting Elizabeth on a little more of a regular sleep routine by putting her to bed earlier in the evening. The past few nights have been successful with her going to bed between 7pm-8pm instead of her regular 10pm.

Having both children in bed around 8pm is great for Tyler and I as it gives us time to work on projects, get stuff done around the house or just spend time together at the end of our days. While this transition is something I am happy about its also a little sad for me as its the first little chapter in Elizabeths adventure that is closing.

In the first two and a half months of her life she spent her evenings hanging out with her dad and I on the couch. She would be passed back and forth between the two of us as we watched our favourite movies and shows on Netflix. We would fuss over her and tell her how much we loved her. This time with just the three of us will be cherished. There was lots of crying and pacing around the basement but the moments were sweet none the less.

I am learning to be comfortable in all of my children's phases, even the challenging ones and truly enjoy what they offer. Sometimes when I am in a specific phase with my children the days can feel long, but I have realized the phases are fleeting.

I feel like I have been given the greatest gift to be a mom. I am filled with so much happiness when I get to see my children grow and thrive but I think I will always also feel the bitter sweet pain that comes with knowing that what once was, is no more. They will continue to grow and evolve and I just need to do my best to keep up and soak it all in.