Luke's First Dance Class

Luke had his first dance class last weekend and I am so excited to start introducing him to different activities. He wouldn't go in the room without dad but we will keep trying and I am sure his confidence will build.

While dad was in dance class with Luke, Lizzy and I waited in the entrance with the other dance parents and made some small talk and I got so excited for the opportunity that Ty and I will have to make new friends. Since starting a family I have many friendships that have blossomed with women in my life because we share motherhood in common. Now as our kids get older and start taking interest in different hobbies, we will begin to meet new people with children who have similar interests and that just makes me so pumped. I don't know about you but I can never have too many friends, especially in this motherhood role, the more moms in my life with different skills sets the better.

Heres to exciting new hobbies and all the friends that will come along too.

Here is a video of our weekend, thank you for reading and watching and taking part in the conversation.