I have shared before my journey with anxiety and depression but I have a confession to make, I still get frustrated with some people who suffer from the same thing I suffered from. I am being very honest here and I now recognize my wrongful frustration and will now be more understanding but I wanted to share my thoughts.

I like to solve problems, if something is wrong I want to do something to fix it, I require action to feel comfortable in a troubled situation. But I have realized that some situations simply require my quiet presence, thats it. No words, no advice, no action, just quiet understanding.

Some depression and anxiety is crippling to the point of no action but if someone shares their struggles with me, they are taking a huge positive step of action and the best thing I can do is just be there for them. This is something I am sad to say, I have failed at previously. I have been too quick to offer suggestions; come to church with me, maybe try going to the gym, have you talked to a different doctor and so on.

When I have been in the depths of my lows all I have truly desired is to feel understood and connected to someone else who understands how I feel. I don't want advice in this state I want empathy, comfort and compassion.

So thats what I am focusing on moving forward. Bell Lets Talk Day has done such a wonderful job of encouraging us to talk about mental illness. I have the talking part down pat, now its time for me to start working on my listening.