Lately I have been working on being content with what I have because often I find myself always wanting more. More clothes, more makeup, more house, more car, more technology, more of everything. God has been really working with my heart convicting me to not only be content with what I have but to truly feel blessed for everything, EVERYTHING I have.

The other day I was on my way to Walmart to stock up on diapers and wipes. As I drove to the store I did a little day dreaming about some other stuff I would love to be shopping for but didn't need and God spoke this to my heart, "Heather, it is a privilege that you have the means to purchase the things that your family needs". I have the ability to effortlessly travel to the store and get what I need when I need it. Suddenly my perspective for my little trip to Walmart turned from an ordinary stock up, to a beautiful blessing.

Warning: if you ask God to do amazing things in your life He always will, it just may not always be what you had in mind when you made the request. God is working on my heart and He knows that one of my weaknesses is "new things" and consumption. This is truly an area I have felt so much movement in lately. Slowly and kindly God guides me to the area of my life that requires His work.

This past weekend we had my side of the family over for brunch after church to celebrate my moms birthday. Our family is growing (which I love!!!) as my sisters had their significant others with them as well. Sometimes when I have people over, I worry about where everyone will sit, if my house is clean enough or stylish enough and if we will have enough food but this time I didn't. I just enjoyed everyones company. The oven worked, we had more than enough food to eat and while we cant all fit around my little kitchen table, we can all eat together. WE WERE TOGETHER! It was a blessed day and I live a blessed life.

Lord, give me strength each day to overcome the temptation and desire to constantly have more and THANK YOU for the many ways you have blessed my life.