I filmed this first impression video about 2 weeks ago and have worn my foundation layered starting with powder now a handful of times. I love this technique to help me achieve a full coverage complexion that lasts amazingly well throughout the day. I have tried this technique with translucent powder (light coverage) and my Arbonne Mineral Foundation Powder (fuller coverage) and I prefer the look with the foundation powder for the highest coverage option. One thing to keep in mind when applying your liquid over your powder, is the liquid dries faster than applying it directly to the skin so you need to move quick and may need to use a little more liquid product than usual, it's not a bad thing just something I have noticed. Lastly, I do also find misting the skin after applying all of these layers helps them to melt together to give a flawless glowing look. Check out my first impression application of this technique in the video below for more details.

What are your favourite full coverage makeup techniques and products, please comment below, I would love to know.