These are the days, the best days I have ever known, days I didn't know I would love so much, days I want to cherish.

These days cause me to pray, build my confidence, test my patience and make me so happy.

These days I like to stay in, not get dressed, and take my time with my children moving through the day.

These days I feel like I need to get out, interact and find stimulation in something new.

These days the sun feels good, it makes me excited for spring and summer.

These days Ty and I say good morning while passing off the baby.

These days I feel frustrated when woken from sleep but blessed when I lay my sweet sleepy girl back into bed.

These days I drink way too much coffee.

These days I don't know how I feel, the days are rarely the same and sometimes I like that and sometimes I don't.

These days Luke and Elizabeth snuggle in her crib almost everyday.

These days Tyler and I look at each other and wonder how we got so blessed to be able to snuggle our whole world on the couch.

These days big brother is little sisters entire world.

These days I look at dust under Elizabeth's crib while nursing her, think about cleaning it up, but forget about it as soon as she is done feeding.

These days, one of my favourite sounds is dad making the kids laugh.

These days we eat scrambled eggs for breakfast a lot.

These days I feel so grateful.

These days Ty and I text pictures of the kids to each other.

These days we are grateful for family dinners at granmdmas and grandpas houses.

These days Paw Patrol is on a lot!

These days I am obsessed with stock piling breast milk in the freezer.

What's something random from your days that makes them what they are?