Elizabeth is seven months old today. Recently I took part in a free online photography course offered by Motherly and Chatbooks specifically geared towards moms wanting to capture and edit beautiful images of their children. I loved the course and got very inspired to step up my photo game but it got me thinking about how great I was at doing monthly photoshoots with Luke and how I haven't been as diligent about doing the same with Elizabeth. I got hit with a little mom guilt for a minute, about not keeping everything even. I got over that guilt and decided to pick up here and do what I can because thats what we moms do.

Elizabeth, you are interacting with us so much these days, laughing and taking part in conversations with your squeaks.

Your voice is very loud when you want it to be.

You love eating, I think you have my appetite.

You can pull your brothers hair.

You are happy sitting on the floor playing with some toys.

You like to watch Paw Patrol with Luke.

You are so happy and excited in the morning.

Your tongue is always poking out of your big open mouth smile.

You have one bottom tooth poking through.

Your dad calls you Chickaletta sometimes.

I call you Lizzy Loo or Lizzy Girl.

You nap twice a day.

You still love to snuggle and be held.

You are a strong willed soul but also very soft, I love your mix of extremes.

You are wonderful.

Love mom & dad.

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These photos were snapped and edited with the tips I learned from the Motherly & Chatbooks photo course. You can still take advantage of the free course until the end of May, by simply checking out the Motherly website. Motherly is a beautiful community about everything motherhood.