I love food! I have gotten into a habit of using my lack of sleep and sometimes being at home for days on end, as an excuse to eat whatever I want. I am working on making more healthful choices, learning to cook differently (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free sometimes) and increasing my activity to live a more full life. I want our family to crave good stuff! This being said, you will still find me eating pizza and drinking pop on Friday nights and sipping coffee and eating donuts on Sundays. I am not giving up treats completely, I am really just working on my balance. And, as I have learned in other areas of my life, balance does not just happen, it requires work. So, here is my first week of food work and a little video of my grocery haul. When I did this grocery haul, I was already pretty stocked up on produce. I personally love watching grocery hauls because I am so inspired by what other people cook and eat. It is very easy for me to get in a cooking/grocery shopping rut and I always feel my inner foodie inspired after seeing what other people eat.

The pictures of meals I am sharing below, are just a sample of what I ate in the week and there were of course a few treats in there as well. I also eat a lot of the same thing during the week. I love leftovers for lunch so I often make 2 extra servings of our dinners so Tyler and I have easy lunches the next day. Luke will eat leftovers but he normally shares with me and Lizzy is starting to eat solids but obviously not enough to require an extra serving yet lol.

week 1 grocery haul video 

chicken & green beans with almonds 

blueberries & coconut whipped cream

garden salad with cottage cheese dressing & hamburger 

avocado, hard boiled egg and cottage cheese dressing wrap 

steak, potatoes and bell peppers

vegan brownies & coconut whipped cream 

smoothie bowl with granola

scrambled eggs & vegan pancakes (mash lol)

cliff bar, hard boiled egg and banana