The Factory London

The Factory London

On Saturday Oct 20, we spent the day at The Factory London to celebrate my nice Marley turning 8 and Elizabeth turning 2. My sister in law got a great price on tickets for our group through her employer and organized our day of fun, thanks Emmy! No one in our group had been to The Factory before so we were not really sure what to expect but we knew we were in for an adventure.

Check out the video below for some awesome clips from the day.


The Factory does have something for everyone in the family, from The Little Climbers zone, to High Ropes, to the Arcade its total family fun!. We were so proud of the 8 year old girls in our group who braved the high ropes course with Tyler, Keegan and Emmy, but the adults did say that if they hadn’t been right beside them to assist with their harnesses, the girls would not have been able to try that course. The two girls loved the trampoline areas, they probably would have jumped until 12am if we let them. They particularly liked the trampolines with the spinning arm in the middle that they had to jump over as the arm spun.


I tried a little bit of the warrior course but I didn’t push my body too far as it is still recovering from being sick in the summer. I spent most of my time climbing through tubes and sliding slides in The Little Climbers zone with Lizzy, Luke and Blaine and that suited me just fine.

There was a full cafeteria and a licensed bar area. I enjoyed an out of this world California burger with fries, I would go back again for that burger ;)


The Factory is an awesome place to take a family with a wide range of ages, as there is something for everyone to experience. If your family is young, and the adults are interested in enjoying the adventures as well, I would go in a big group so that everyone can take turns playing with the kids and then enjoying the adult attractions. It is a super cool spot and I think especially with the winters we experience in Southern Ontario, it is so awesome to have a place indoors to burn some energy and have fun.