Holiday Style Tips



Don’t be afraid to wear glitter! If there was ever a time to be theatrical with your wardrobe, the Holiday season is that time!


I am still hunting for all the colours! I mentioned in a fashion post from a few months ago how I am working on building my colour selection in my wardrobe, that continues. I am currently obsessed with red and hoping that continues beyond the Christmas season.



I am no longer afraid to mix patterns. I think its fun and interesting. When you attend a party, your job is to be part of the entertainment and atmosphere of the environment. Why not set the tone with an unexpected fashion pairing!



If your body has changed for whatever reason over the last few months, treat yourself to something that fits you well right now. Having clothes that fit your current shape will absolutely boost your mental state which will make you more of a joy to be around.



Fashion and beauty are a form of self expression and so there are no rules, just techniques! Maybe you only like one that I have offered today and you carry others you have picked up along the way and developed your own rules for dressing but all that matters is that you feel good in what your wearing. If you are wearing something that truly represents you, your good to go! I am always inspired by the individual style of those around me, the more unique, the more inspirational. So you do you, as they say!

Happy holiday dressing!

Comment below with any of your holiday style tips and techniques.