Simple Cool Weather Pleasures

Simple Cool Weather Pleasures

I will start by saying that most of my at home celebrations and luxuries are centred around food. I love cooking, feeding my family, eating and coming together around food. This time of year I start baking more and cooking soups and casseroles, comfort food. I am always mindful of making good food choices but we all need a little extra meat on our bones for an Ontario winter;)

I made a hand full of apple pies with the kids for the first time this fall and loved the whole process. Cooking and baking together is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and dessert on a Saturday evening makes dinner time extra special.

You know I love coffee but when I am home more in the cooler months I get creative with my afternoon brew by making espresso and frothing my own milk to make my own lattes. I have also been drinking tea and hot lemon water. When I have a hot drink in my hand, I feel extra cozy and relaxed.

Candles! I normally just have one burning on the stove top because its safe there and sometimes in the bathroom. I love oil burners and plug in diffusers too in all those autumn pumpkin scents but the glow of a candle brings the cozy vibes.

I am a beach girl in the heat, I don't care for the park or the trail in the summer but I love adventure walks on a cool fall day. The colours are beautiful!

I nap all year round but sometimes I feel bad for napping on a hot sunny day. I do not feel bad for napping or lazing around the house on a cloudy cool fall day though. So I consider this a time to recharge my batteries, read more books, watch more TV shows and just generally chill out more after a fun packed summer.

I love that we get to experience four seasons here in Ontario. With the change of the weather everything becomes new and exciting again and my ability to find joy in the simple pleasures of life is renewed.

What simple pleasures do you love this time of year?